Flooring Concepts provides the best bathroom remodeling service in Garland, Texas. We can help you pick everything that you need for your bathroom remodeling including taps, bath tubs, basins, shower enclosures, shower attachments, cabinets, toilets, floor tiles, shower tiles, and wall tiles. Come and select the materials and flooring products that you like and let us remodel your bathroom into the dream bathroom that you always wanted.

Whether you simply want to add a shower, or you want to break a wall and extend the bathroom or add a window, or redo the floors, call Flooring Concepts.

We do not just start adding that shower or that window. We look at your space and redesign it for beauty and functionality. If you have ever wondered how those beautiful bathrooms you see in magazines ever come to be, then know that it is companies like Flooring Concepts that make it happen. We are experts at designing bathrooms and installing them too.

Call Flooring Concepts today for a FREE quote. Allow us to redesign your bathroom or bring us a picture of what you have in mind. We will work with your idea to create a design that fits into your home design, your space limitations and your budget. We will assist you to choose the best materials and components based on your budget. Then we will come over and break down your old bathroom and replace it with a new bathroom. You will be amazed as your dream bathroom comes to life.

At Flooring Concepts we make dreams come true. When we are done with your bathroom, you will enjoy the beauty and tranquility for many years. All your friends will be asking you who designed your bathroom and you will proudly tell them, “Flooring Concepts did it.”